Our structure is equipped to receive some forty people over a longer or shorter period. We welcome from March to November of diverse groups and we are pleased with this variety. Whether for a weekend or for several days for a full week, we can accommodate you in free management, half board or full board.

Guest room, bed and breakfast or a la carte

Welcom in Room Breakfast is a bit receive "friends." That is why we are committed to the quality of the welcome and wish you a real encounter and exchange with each.
The hamlet of Damias is situated in a wild and beautiful environment. Far from any outside agitation take the time to meet him.
So we warmly welcome you in these places "out of time".
Several rooms are in old buildings that we have renovated and others are small octagonal structures we have built on the edge of a pine, a little apart. Each room has its charm, its atmosphere. We have something for everyone. Some are equipped with kitchen and bathroom, others, like our small cottages, are more closely in harmony with Nature.



Step walkers, on foot, bicycle, horseback ...

We are close to the GR 946, (3/4 hour from St. Pierre neck) between Barret-sur-Méouge and Noyer-sur-Jabron.
Depending on the number, you'll stay in cottages or group accommodation. We do not have a lot of passage and therefore can not function as the lodges where the dormitory is permanently open to the solitary hiker ...
Guests can prepare your meals separately or take the dinner which will be served at our table either group accommodation.

  • Mountain bikers, we have a local at your disposal to store your bike with a good workshop tooling if necessary!
  • Horseman, a warm welcome awaits you; we are passionate about horse riding! (Paddocks, parks and upholstery locally)

Family groups or meetings

The hamlet is an ideal for seminars, incentive trip, discovery, familialle meeting ...
Depending on the activities, we can offer two rooms and a large kitchen with living room
We have the ability to receive you in several rooms from 1 to 7 people and accommodate extra guests on the campsite or in unusual habitats during the summer.

Closer to nature,
in a family atmosphere.

The camping of Damias open from spring to autumn. This warm and friendly site will enable you to explore the surrounding wilderness through many activities offered by the inhabitants of the hamlet: wool work, climbs and hammocks hanging in the trees, jewelery making macramé, hiking on foot or on horseback , vegetable paintings, etc ...

The camping has a capacity of six locations along a refreshing river in summer. It is also possible to spend the night in the Mongolian yurte or in the gypsy caravan

For campers who want to travel light, a kitchen and toilet block is available: kitchen equipment, hot water (solar heating), refrigerators to keep the drink cool and a reading corner in the rain ... . short everything to make your stay in the wild as comfortable and enjoyable as possible!

Because it is good to leave the beaten paths,
because life is an experience ...

We like to imagine the different. Thus the projects of light and unusual habitats found their place on the hamlet.

The Mongolian Yurte

Discover the mongolian yurte of Damias. This traditional Mongolian housing will make you spend an unforgettable holiday thanks to its charm and its comfort:

  • 1 double bed and two single beds
  • Small stove for hot food and drinks
  • Living room

The Gypsy Caravan

A splendid caravan banded wood found the location very pleasant campsite at the Damias. Come and enjoy the natural atmosphere of our campsite while enjoying the comfort of the mobile home.

  • 1 double bed